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6 Benefits of Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

If all this time you only drink tea or coffee in the morning, now you can consider drinking warm lemon water. The reason is, there are various benefits of drinking warm lemon water in the morning, including for refreshing your breath. Lemon fruit is rich in vitamin C. This bright yellow fruit also contains many natural chemicals, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenoids, and carotenoids, which are very good for health. Benefits of Warm Lemon Water in the Morning In addition to refreshing your breath, there are several other benefits of warm lemon water that you can feel after taking it in the morning, namely: 1. Lose weight A study revealed that polyphenols in lemons can help you lose weight. For those of you who feel that you are overweight and want to try using lemons for your diet, try putting warm lemon water on your diet program menu list. 2. Reducing wrinkles on the skin Drinking warm lemon water in the morning is good for the skin, because it is believed to keep t
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Diarrhea in Pregnant Women

Diarrhea during pregnancy must be very uncomfortable, especially if accompanied by complaints of nausea and vomiting. If not handled properly, this condition can cause dehydration which can be dangerous for both mother and fetus. Pregnant women are said to have diarrhea if the stool texture when defecating becomes liquid with a frequency of more than three times a day. Diarrhea is a complaint that is quite common during pregnancy. It is estimated that almost 34% of pregnant women have had diarrhea. Causes of Diarrhea during Pregnancy Diarrhea during pregnancy can be caused by various things, such as: 1. Hormonal changes During pregnancy, of course, hormonal changes occur. Certain hormonal changes can affect the digestive process that leads to digestive disorders, such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Certain hormones can also cause pregnant women to experience constipation (constipation). 2. Infection The most common microorganisms that cause diarrhea in pregnant women are

Pregnant Women, Pay Attention to How to Process and Eat Safe Meat

Although meat has a variety of nutrients needed by pregnant women (pregnant women), pregnant women need to be more careful in processing it to be safe for consumption. Because during pregnancy, endurance tends to decrease. This makes pregnant women more at risk of infection with bacteria and parasites in food, including meat. Red meat and chicken provide iron, protein, and vitamins and minerals needed during pregnancy. Pregnant women are advised to consume meat as a source of protein about 3 servings every day, which is about 65 grams of beef or mutton, or 80 grams of chicken meat. But remember, pregnant women need to process meat properly! If not, beef and chicken can become a den of parasites and bacteria. Risk of Consumption of Meat Not Processed Properly It is important for pregnant women to pay attention to the level of meat maturity before consuming it. When pregnant women eat raw or undercooked meat, pregnant women are more at risk of infection due to bacterial and parasit